Afternoon Tea Tray
Variety of tea sandwiches, desserts &
$26.95 per person


Mommy & Me Tea Tray


Children's Tea (10 and under)
Lemonade, Hot Cocoa, or Tea
Variety of kid-friendly tea sandwiches, desserts, & fruit
$16.00 per child


Brie & Tea
Pot of tea with sharable brie pastry, assorted fruit, & crackers


Spot of Tea
Pot of Tea
Choice of Dessert


“Sweet Tea”
Arrangements of homemade desserts on a
tea tray and choice of hot or iced tea


Spinach Salad **** Spring Salad
Feta Cheese Pecans Craisins
Red Wine Vinaigrette or Raspberry Vinaigrette
Arugula Salad with Gorgonzola and Pecans
Apple Cider Vinaigrette

with Chicken Salad


Chicken Salad

Pimento Cheese Sandwich
On Choice of: Croissant, Wheat, or Raisin Bread

Child Whole Sandwich $7.95

On Choice of Croissant, Wheat, Oatmeal, or Raisin Bread


Soup & Sandwich
Soup & Salad
Sandwich & Salad

with Chicken Salad $14.95


Tomato Basil Soup
Cup $4.50    Bowl $5.50


Homemade Dessert  $8.95
Homemade Dessert Sampler $10.95


Coffee $3.95

Lemonade $2.50

Hot Chocolate $3.50

Pot of Tea $6.95



Add on Side Salad or Cup of Soup for $3.95

Gluten free options $2.00 upcharge.

Splitting Fee $5.00